Cash and Valuables in Transit

We offer a beginning to end screening solution to anyone whose business handles money regardless of value. As the saying goes, ‘every penny counts’ and no matter if you manage a small coffee shop or a national coffee chain, Secure By Integrity will help you identify potential issues. Our portfolio supports the day to day handling of cash in pubs, travel agents and scrap yards as well as some of the largest cash handling and cash and valuables in transit establishments in the UK.

We recommend the greater the risk the higher the investigations need to be. For large cash handling customers we recommend (as does the industry) that you carry out a BS7858 security check which will look at a person’s credit history, employment/ education history, obtain a character reference and where necessary procure a criminal check, all covering no less than 5 years.

For smaller establishments whose are not regulated and who’s risk is limited, we would recommend obtaining a past employment reference.

Any cash handling can expose your business to potential theft. Ensuring each individual employee has passed rigorous, thorough checks, sometimes including financial adversity checks will help you in the knowledge that you have made the best choice possible.


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