About Us

Following a management buyout in 2012, Secure by Integrity has continued to build upon its well established extensive portfolio both within the private and public sectors.

We foster close working relationships with some of the UK’s largest establishments, working in a variety of fields including Cash and Valuables in Transit, Security Services, Education and Employment.

Our entire workforce only concentrate on security screening and each highly qualified, fully screened and security cleared team member are specialists in pre & post-employment vetting.

With a flexible service and state-of-the-art market leading software, Secure by Integrity can adapt to meet any changing business needs. Either offering a one off bespoke screen or assisting you with large company vetting for existing and/ or new employees.

Our process is simple-

  • Quick phone consultation with you to establish your needs (or meeting)
  • Design of a simple straightforward application form to provide all relative information and include written candidate consent forms
  • Fast processing, checks and reference requesting
  • Full in depth updates when required
  • An electronic complete returned file with speed and quality

Once our screening process has started, we keep you informed of any issues and notify you of any adversities if and as they arise.

Secure By Integrity’s totally focused approach ensure outsourcing your pre-employment screening is easy and effortless, leaving your HR departments free to choose the best candidate and avoid wasting time validating honesty.

We are aware of the need to prioritize cost effectiveness whether your recruitment scale is small or large ranging from low or high earners, Secure by Integrity ensure your investment is wise and offer realistic, competitive rate and unbeatable service.

It really can be that simple!


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