The British Standard for employment screening, covering credit and criminal checks as well as employment and educational history verification. We provide you with a simple yet comprehensive application form which once completed provides us with the information required to fully screen each applicant.

On receipt of a fully completed form, we immediately begin to investigate and verify the following data –

    • 5 or 10 years written employment and education verification; we obtain direct references from each employer or use other physical evidence to ensure the applicant has provided true information. All periods of employment/ unemployment are verified with no gaps beyond the permitted 31 days.
    • A criminal check is undertaken and all unspent convictions disclosed (in accordance with the Rehabilitation Offenders Act)
    • We contact and obtain confirmation from a character reference
    • A comprehensive credit check using Experian (Consumer Search)
      • CCJ’s
      • Insolvency
      • Bankruptcy
      • Voters Roll Check
      • Aliases Check
      • Linked Addresses


Our usual fast turnaround times ensure the completed screening file is retuned electronically with all supporting documentation ready for your final employment decision. We always keep you informed of ANY adverse references or credit information as soon as we are aware so that you are in a position to make an informed decision on each individual application.


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