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Secure by Integrity’s highly skilled investigation team works diligently with you to ensure your staff are screened to the highest possible standard. Our fast turnaround times and fully compliant, affordable and professional service will leave you with complete peace of mind.


The British Standard for employment screening, covering credit and criminal checks as well as employment and educational history verification. We provide you with a simple yet comprehensive application form which once completed provides us with the information required to fully screen each applicant. On receipt of a fully completed form, we immediately begin to investigate and verify the following data – 5 or 10 years written employment and education verification; we obtain direct references from each employer or use other…

Credit Checks

Checks the applicants 5 year address history for CCJ’s, Bankruptcy, IVA’s and electoral roll registration. A comprehensive credit check using Experian (Consumer Search) CCJ’s Insolvency Bankruptcy Voters’ Roll Check/ Electoral Roll Aliases Check Linked addresses Once the report has been compiled and checked, we will notify you of ALL adverse findings (BS7858 states any amounts over £10,000).

Criminal Checks

Our staff are checked to the highest level having both Basic Disclosure and the Disclosure and Barring Service checks. Not only are we permitted to carry out standard Criminal Checks but we also have Umbrella Body Status allowing us to process Enhanced DBS checks. So what’s the difference? Basic Disclosure or Standard Disclosure – check for unspent convictions and are available (with consent) for any applicant. Enhanced DBS – allow us to process checks against the Barred lists for people…

Employment / Education Confirmation

We can check and verify an applicant’s past employment or educational history, typically going back 3, 5 or 10 years. We can obtain direct written references or other similar verification (if for example a company is in administration including e.g. HMRC records) to ensure the applicant has provided true information. This can be particularly useful if you are wanting to find out the circumstances in which an applicant left their previous position*. *(Please note some companies will only confirm dates)

Media Searches

We can check the web, regional and national news sources for information relating to an individual, company or organisation. It’s nice to know the positives as well as the negatives. Our researchers will trawl through past news articles to see what coverage specific organisation or employees have received, particularly good when hiring top level employees, e.g. Head-teachers, Directors, CEO’s.

Personal References

For a more rounded view of a person, we can ask the people who know your potential new employee about their personality, questions which are not necessarily covered on an application form or CV. These could include questions about their Work Ethics Punctuality Reliability Sobriety Attitudes Honesty Reputation Bespoke telephone questionnaires can be designed and applied to any business and a personal insight gained from a variety of sources.

Identity Checks

Check the identity of a person or document

Directorship Checks

Do you need to confirm if a person is or has been a director of a company? Our Directorships checks can provide information and details relating to an individual who is or has been appointed as a Director or Company Secretary of a company. We will confirm the following which can be run along side other checks if required. Full Name Company Address Date of Birth Active Directorships Resigned Directorships Dissolved Directorships Active Secretary Dissolved Secretary Resigned Secretary Nationality A…

Bespoke Screening

Whatever you screening needs, please call to discuss how we can help and assist your business.


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